Artwork | Omo Baby, Limited edition 3-100 by Bob Nelson
Framed | Omo Baby

Omo Baby, Limited edition 3/100 by Bob Nelson

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Omo baby.

Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia.

Limited edition 3/100

Framed with a smart black frame and white mount. Framed size 1000W x 730H.

Due to the fragility of this product we have chosen to frame this piece of art with high quality acrylic rather than glass.


Bob Nelson has had a lifelong love of photography. At the age of 12 he was given a Brownie Box Camera which he used on an experimental basis to photograph his family and friends.

At the age of 14 he joined the school’s camera club and learned how to develop his own photographs.

It wasn’t until the year 2001 that Bob retired and became a keen photographer. He has two passions, one travel and the other photography. This, he claims is a perfect fit. His favourite subject matter is tribal people and cultural diversity. He has indulged this passion on many trips to Africa and Asia.

Without being intrusive, he attempts to capture the story that can be seen in the faces of many of the tribal portraits and cultural activities he takes. Since many of the areas he visits are remote, he would like to share his photographic journeys with others who may never have the opportunity to travel to these amazing places.

“I have always found that my camera can be a way of connecting with my subjects. The camera gives me an opportunity to communicate without knowing the language, only smiles-the universal language. My camera can be the beginning of a conversation. WIth some simple sign language, I can ultimately establish a friendly rapport with my subjects.”



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